Younify Radio - everything you want to know

 Younify Radio - everything you want to know

Younify Campus Radio review

Have you ever thought of having a separate media platform to connect with your college/school/company unlike other social media platforms like facebook,whatsaap,instagram and more likely having something which will let you know whats happening around your surroundings, which you may not find elsewhere, then Younify Campus Radio is something you probably need to checkout.

In this article we will try to understand
  • what is Younify Campus Radio
  • How does it work
  • what can you do on younify
  • How can you get started
  • pros and problems

What is Younify Campus Radio

Younify is an application which runs on  smartphones and works like a radio app.Unlike an actual radio network which work on basis of FM,Younify runs over internet. Yes you heard it right!

Younify acts as a Campus Media Network which allows its members to establish connection not only with their instituton but also with other institutions aswell.

How does Younify work

Younify partners with educational institutions across India to set-up 'On-Campus Radio' operated only by students under guidance of respestive faculty co-ordinators. Younify integrates all such partnered On-Campus Radio startups through a curated social networking platform.

Post setting up On-Campus Radios, partnered campuses will be transforming in to futuristic podcasting stations to relay Edutainment and Infotainment content.

Students through their verified classroom identities, becomes part of a growing network of On-campus Radios from across the country and get connected to a wider student communicate to collaborate. Younify acts as a day-to-day Campus Media & Networking platform for current students and doubles up as an alumni connect to the outgoing and past students.

younify radio - everything you  want to know
Above picture depicts the process of creating a radio podcast and getting it on air using Younify Campus Radio

Creative team and Drafting team:

Creative team comes up with the topic on which the podcast will be done. Drafting team makes content regarding that topic in written format and passes this to Rj(Radio jockey).

Radio jockey(RJ):

Radio jockey takes the script made by drafting team and does either a live or recorded podcast. Recorded audio is given to Audio editing team and podcast related info to Scheduling team.

Audio editing team:

This team edits and improvises audio recording received from RJ and in case of live podcast they help RJ to do their job. Then they pass info. of related topic to Scheduling team.

Scheduling team:

This team manages timings of podcasts and gives appropriate slots to them. Then they give related information like date, time, Rj name, topic name to Graphic designing team.

Graphic designing team:

This team makes attractive posters,teaser or intro videos about upcoming events and podcasts. Then they pass this content to E-publicity team.

E-publicity team:

This team takes care of all social media handles and is responsible for promoting, sharing, posting the content created by Graphic designing team about upcoming events and podcasts. They have to make sure of reaching audience and get them on their podcast.

Technical team:

After everything is perfectly done, Audio editing team hands over audio recording to Technical team. 

Prepared schedule is also given to them. Finally Technical team manages to get the podcast on air, it can be a recorded one or live.

What you can do on younify

Using younify you can connect to your institution, class or you can  start your own daily podcast. You can also connect to other college radio stations which are on Younify all over India. 
You can conduct polls, create posts etc.

How can you get started with younify radio app

Getting yourself on Younify radio app is easy.

If you are an institution and want to set-up an On-campus Radio then go to the official website of Younify Radio here. There if you scroll down the homepage, at the bottom you will be asked details of  institution and its representive. Younify team will contact you and your On-campus Radio station will be set-up at an affordable price.
You also have an option to set-up your online Campus radio which is free of cost.

If you are an individual who wants to connect to your and other's campus or want  to start your own podcast, then just download Younify App available on both Google playstore and Apple app store.

Pros and problems of Younify Radio app


  1. Its an amazing concept, it helps educational institutions to have their own social platform.
  2. Students will be able raise their voice on issues they face both in society and colleges
  3. Students will learn many skills like: communication skills, team work, problem solving skills, time management, self confidence and many more.
  4. They can learn not only from their colleges but also from colleges all over India and in near future all over the world.
  5. Younify radio app provides students entertainment with knowledge.
  6. And many more...


  1. Actually these are not cons, but issues that users face on this Younify app.
  2. User-interface needs some serious improvements.
  3. Search tab does not work sometimes.
  4. Its takes much time to reload dailyfeed page.
  5. Sometimes you can't uplaod or change your profile picture and cover photo, even though you have a very good internet connection and device. They did not give any specific size for uploading pictures
  6. Every time you want to login the app (after logging out) it sends OTP(one time password)  to your registered mobile number and email. That means you need to have that phone number and email everytime with you. Why can't they just give option to login with id and password.
  7. Not everyone can post in "city" space, only the one who have access to city can do it. This means if you post something on your profile,only the people who visit your profile can see that. Your reach gets limited.
  8. The biggest issue is there is no helpcentre. You can either give them feedback which may never reach them or You must be a campus representative to contact with them.
  9. And many more...


Younify Campus Radio is actually a great concept, once ex president of USA, Barack Obama also mentioned importance of having a Campus radio. I thank Younify team to give us this platform and request them to please solve all the above issues that i have found on your app and everything that i could not.

That's it guys, I hope you like the review, if I have missed something or did any mistake, feel free to comment below and share your opinion.

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